I had the best time photographing Rachael & JB's engagement session! We met each other for the first time the day of their session, and we ended up as friends by the time we said our goodbye's! I instantly knew I would adore these two from the moment we greeted each other. They are SO kind, full of joy, and completely in love. They were up for anything, and every time I asked them to frolic or dance they always expressed their love for those things! We started our session at Arrington Vineyards, where we walked around the grounds enjoying the beautiful weather. The sun was shining bright the entire session, which was SO wonderful considering all of the rain we have had this spring season. Afterwards we travelled to Radnor Lake, one of my favorite locations! I took them down to the water where we took the majority of their photos! As the sun turned into that golden hour glow I knew I had to get a few shots of them in it, but the trees were a little thick, so it was hard to achieve my vision. We walked out of the park in hopes to find the perfect golden hour spot, but the sun was still hiding behind trees and houses. JB mentioned that their rehearsal dinner location was right down the road, so we drove over to the venue, got out of our cars and noticed a tiny bit of sunlight hitting at the top of a hill. PERFECT! I quickly looked up the exact sunset time and turns out we had exactly 15 minutes to make our way to the top of the hill and capture their photos. So, we ran/briskly walked as FAST as we could (Rachael in HEELS) to the top of the hill where the sun was shining. After several minutes of traveling up the hill we finally made it! The view over the venue was GORGEOUS and so prefect! I'm so thankful my couples trust me and are willing to go the extra mile (literally) with me to get the shot! Their session has EASILY become a new favorite, and I'm so excited to share my favorites with you! Rachael & JB, I can't wait to share your full gallery soon!! Enjoy!