Photo by: Harvey Grain Photography

Dear Birthday Boy,

It's your BIRTHDAY! This is the 6th birthday I get to celebrate with you, and the 2nd one as a married couple. I get to sing, completely out of tune, "Happy Birthday" to my best friend, and then tomorrow, it's your turn because our birthday's are back-to-back every year! Your birthday is one of my favorite days because I get to celebrate you, everything you are, and everything I love about you! Plus, it's always a good excuse to make you a super chocolate infused cake, because we all know just how much you love your cake!

I will always remember the day we met. It was a gorgeous fall day and we were surrounded by so many friends. We were all square-dancing and you were standing in the middle of the dance floor without a partner, and, without hesitation, I asked you to dance. Who knew that the very moment you gave me your hand for a dance, you were, in fact, giving me your heart as well.

Your passion and love for animals is one of the things that made me fall in love with you. I will always be okay with the fact that there will always be a fur-baby in our home - I'm still waiting on the day you randomly start bringing animals home!

You are my biggest cheerleader and supporter, and you believed in me before I believed in myself. You never doubted my ability to run a business and pushed me further. Now, you are even coming to weddings with me. Not only do you go above and beyond what I ask, but you are so talented and take some of the most amazing photos! I couldn't ask for a better assistant!

You make me laugh ALL. THE. TIME. and are always a joy to be around. I couldn't ask for a better person to do life with every single day. I can confidently say I love you more now than ever before.

Happy Birthday, my love.


Photo by: Tracy Brewington Photography