I have been waiting for MONTHS to share Valen's Bridal Portraits with you! Now that she's married I can share away! The moment I met Valen I knew I wanted to be a part of her wedding experience! She is so kind & made the most beautiful bride! We decided to take her Bridal Portraits during the fall, and I'm so glad we did! The leaves and colors were STUNNING the day of our photo session. It was probably the first cold day of the season, but you can hardly tell we were freezing! We photographed at the beautiful Radnor Lake Park, which fit Valen perfectly! This session could not have turned out anymore perfect - I mean, just wait until you see her dress!! This session was simply so much fun. Valen & her mom kept me laughing the entire time & this session easily became a new favorite of mine! Valen is such a go-with-the-flow personality! She was up for ANYTHING during the session. She even twirled around risking dirtying her dress, but was completely okay with it! Her response was always "I'll just dry clean my dress before the wedding!"

I fell in love with Valen's dress the moment I saw it & I'm so excited to show you just how stunning she was! Enjoy!